PRE-IPO celebrates its 1st anniversary

PRE-IPO celebrates its 1st anniversary

PRE-IPO, the crowdfunding platform created and operated by Invest Securities, announces today the opening for subscription of NH TherAguix, which wants to raise up to €1 million on the platform to anticipate its future trials and of Medsteer, which intends to raise €2 million to finalise the completion of its medical device and start its marketing in Europe.

Launched in May 2016, PRE-IPO offers investors, both professional and private, a unique opportunity to participate in the last round of financing of growing SMEs selected rigorously a few months before their stockmarket listing. Reserved previously for institutional investors, this round of financing offers individuals original investment opportunities to diversify their portfolio and reduce their taxation, with most of the dossiers benefiting from partial exonerations.


Presentation of the two new financing projects

NH TherAguix – A breakthrough in the treatment of tumours by radiotherapy

NH TherAguix is a biotechnology company developing innovative nanomedecine which improves the benefits of the radiotherapy without modifying the current clinical working methods. Its medicine, AGuIX®, improves the locating and treatment of cancerous cells by radiotherapy, while reducing its side effects, by a single intravenous injection which does not change medical practices.

The technology is protected by 4 international patents and its effectiveness has been proven in more than 50 scientific publications. AGuIX® is currently in clinical phase 1.

Medsteer – Personalised general anaesthesia

Medsteer offers an innovative medical device intended for anaesthetists in the operating theatre. This device allows the dynamic regulation through a software algorithm in real time of the depth of the general anaesthesia of the patient throughout the surgical operation. This device works for all patients and all types of surgery and allows a major reduction in the quantity of anaesthetic drug necessary. Patients wake up quickly and comfortably after the surgery.

The marketing of the medical device is planned for the end of 2018.

One year of existence and 6 projects

Subscription for two other companies is still accessible on the platform: AlzProtect, a treatment of neurodegenerative diseases (PSP and Alzheimer) and WIMI, a collaborative work solution which has already convinced more than 50,000 companies including Sephora, Total and the Bank of France.

Among the projects completed, BoostHeat, which, since its fund raising on the platform, has established its operations in an industrial unit of Bosch France in Vénissieux, continues its development towards industrialisation in 2018 of its high performance thermodynamic boiler, which can cut in half the consumption of a housing unit or building.


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