Allinvest has created two complementary management companies in order to propose a wide and competitive service.

  • The management of active equities
  • 6 private wealth managers
  • Approved by the AMF
  • €200 M of assets under management

In 2016, Invest Securities Holding created Sully Patrimoine Gestion, the fruit of the merger of three wholly-owned management companies, characterised by the stockmarket expertise of its employees, its management independence and the availability of its teams. Within Allinvest, Sully Patrimoine Gestion has strengthened the private wealth management business with complete independence.


Approved by the AMF, our managers have been experts in financial markets for more than 30 years.

In a society in perpetual motion where expertise and reactivity are the keys to success, the team of managers of Sully Patrimoine Gestion are specialists in active equities, equities and bonds. In complete confidentiality, they offer a tailored service:

  • Discretionary management
  • Conferral of management
  • Dedicated internal fund
  • Wealth management