The financial company

The financial company, Allinvest, assists you, entrepreneurs, managers and shareholders, in all the stages of growth of your company and in your economic challenges.

  1. Our History

    Since 2006, in a macro-economic context of turmoil, we have built an agile, independent group with talented teams heavily involved with our customers. With Corporate Finance, Brokerage, Private Wealth and Asset Management and Crowdfunding, we have known how to combine all the skills in order to create a multi-expert finance company with strong synergies for a global offer of financial advice.

  2. Our vision

    To be an independent European financial player of reference to provide a multi-expert service to our customers. To propose strong expertise in advice, in analysis and in upmarket financial services, with a desire for excellence in the execution.

  3. Our values

    - Expertise and demanding high standards
- Confidence and Proximity

    - Independence and Integrity

Our numbers

  • 115 employees

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  • 4 businesses
  • + 400 Corporate Finance Operations

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  • 1 st Listing sponsor (in number of operations) on the Euronext markets in Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam

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  • 2,4 bn under management
  • 15 % of operations completed directly internationally

Our businesses

The financial company Allinvest*, by its agility and its independence, has become a centre of growth and innovation and a platform for consolidation of financial skills. Our many recognised areas of expertise both in terms of professions and sectors allow us to propose an integrated upmarket assistance service.

  • Corporate

    Invest Corporate Finance provides advice in financial engineering for listed and unlisted companies and their family or financial shareholders.
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  • Brokerage

    A stockbroker, Invest Securities is an investment services provider approved by the Bank of France.
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  • Management

    A portfolio management company recognised for its stockmarket expertise.
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Our references

Since 2006, we have carried out more than 400 operations, thanks to the daily involvement of our teams with our customers.

Our News