Allinvest launches Sully Patrimoine Gestion

Allinvest launches Sully Patrimoine Gestion

Allinvest (previously Invest Securities Holding), a fast-growing independent finance company which operates all the businesses of an investment bank and wealth manager, announces, with its subsidiary Amplegest, the creation of a new private wealth management division, Sully Patrimoine Gestion. This division combines the activities of the portfolio management companies, Sully Asset Management and Craigston Finance, and should pursue its merger policy in the coming months. Sully Patrimoine Gestion is merging with an entrepreneurial dynamism and innovative positioning focused on the combining of expertise.

A combination of expertise and important operational synergies

Sully Asset Management and Craigston Finance, portfolio management companies founded respectively in 2008 and 2002, join the Invest Group to form Sully Patrimoine Gestion.

These asset management companies contribute to the group their principal expertise in the management of securities held directly,   an activity complementary to that of Amplegest. Their development within Sully Patrimoine Gestion could, furthermore, rely on all of the resources of Allinvest and Amplegest, whether the research office (11 sector analysts), advice in financial transaction to SMEs, fund management or the family office.

Jean-Philippe Broches, Chairperson of Craigston Finance, will chair the new group. Stéphane Waldisberg (formerly with Olympia) assumes the general management and Bernard Pochat, Chairperson of Sully Asset Management, is Manager for private wealth management.

Jean-Philippe Broches and Bernard Pochat said: “We are very happy to join Invest whose wide expertise can only reinforce the quality of service provided to our customers. It is a great opportunity. Sully Patrimoine Gestion is, moreover, an audacious project, motivating for our employees”.

Sully Patrimoine Gestion: a federating, entrepreneurial and ambitious model

Sully Patrimoine Gestion will represent €200 M of assets under management with the integration of an additional entity by September, with the medium-term objective being to reach €500 M of assets under management.

Marc-Antoine Guillen, Chairperson of Allinvest, said: “The creation of Sully Patrimoine Gestion forms part of a common project and presents great prospects to the independent managers. This new fund management division offers them an entrepreneurial alternative, conducive to their development and to the attaining of a critical size in their market”.

Arnaud de Langautier, Chairperson of the Management Board of Amplegest, added: “In a few months, we have taken major steps in fund management with the merger also of Amplegest and SGI at the end of 2015. The fund management activity within the group now exceeds the level of one billion Euros of assets under management”.

The Sully Patrimoine Gestion teams will move to the premises of Allinvest by next 15 July. They will increase the workforce of the group to more than 110 employees.

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