Our area of expertise

  • Family Office
  • Private wealth management
  • Asset Management

Our key figures

  • A team of 30 professionals recognised in asset management
  • A range of 9 mutual funds (OPCs): 3 pure equity funds, 1 long/short fund and 5 flexible funds
  • A diversified clientele
  • Assets under management: €1,005 M of assets managed in the 3 businesses
  • All of the activities of Amplegest are approved by the AMF 
  • Financière Amplegest owns 100% of Amplegest.

Private wealth management is based around two centres of competence:

Asset engineering:

Since assets, taxation and family problems change over time, a team of two asset engineers are very close to customers, to offer them personalised advice, meeting their objectives.

Discretionary management (securities accounts, PEA (equity savings accounts), French or Luxembourg life insurance contracts):

The market expertise of the managers is built on a long experience in banks or management companies. Always on the lookout for new investment opportunities (any classes of assets, any geographic areas), Amplegest uses a short and collegiate decision-making process offering great reactivity.

Amplegest assists large fortunes in France and abroad thanks to a dedicated department of 4 people offering a fully-tailored service.

Since 2013, this business has developed with the monitoring today of 10 family groups.

Through a team of analyst managers, Amplegest manages a range of European equity funds: a large cap fund (Amplegest Pricing Power), two small- and mid-cap funds (Amplegest Midcaps and Amplegest SME) and an alternative management fund (Amplegest long/Short).